Overcome loss of Hand Function and Foot Drop.

Regain Independence, Function, and Mobility.

Regain function with Bioness’ innovative solutions designed to help those living with Foot Drop or Hand Paralysis due to conditions such as Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, or Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury.

Bioness devices are clinically proven with the ability to increase range of motion and reduce the risk of falls, while improving confidence and independence.1,2

Curious if Bioness devices will work for you?

We'll help you get started from a device screening to securing a prescription for home-use.

Bioness Benefit

L300 Foot Drop
L300 Plus Thigh
H200 Wireless Hand

The L300 Foot Drop System's low-level electrical stimulation activates the nerves and muscles that lift the foot, giving you the mobility to step back into life.

  • Walk Farther, Faster, Longer2
  • Reduce Falls2
  • Potentially Eliminate your AFO
  • Wear matching shoe sizes
  • Easy On & Off
  • Comfortable – Soft & Flexible

The L300 Plus System adds a thigh cuff with low-level electrical stimulation providing better control over bending and straightening your knee to help you walk more naturally.

  • Added Stability3
  • Reduce Falls2
  • Potentially Eliminate your KAFO
  • Worn comfortably under clothing
  • Easy On & Off

The H200 Wireless System elegant design provides low-level electrical stimulation to activate the nerves and muscles of the hand enabling the ability to regain Hand Mobility and Purpose

  • Light Weight & Comfortable
  • Easy On & Off
  • Reeducate muscles1
  • Reduce muscle loss1
  • Maintain or improve range of motion1
  • Appropriate for Acute, Sub Acute, and Chronic Stroke survivors4,5,6


LaVerne’s Hand Recovery Story
Mary’s Story – Walking with the L300
Veterans using Bioness
Marisa’s Story – Walking Confidently
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